Interdimensional EP

Interdimensional EP

Interdimensional‘ is my first EP released ever, and also is the first part of my two conceptual EP’s that I will be releasing this year, the other one being called ‘Extradimensional‘ will be released later this year.

Interdimensional‘ is available now on Bandcamp, you can listen to it below.

‘Interdimensional’ track list:

  1. Simulated consciousness
  2. Synthetic Life Forms
  3. Qualia
  4. Dreaming Simplicity
  5. Computationalism philosophy
  6. Interdimensional

Album credits:

Recorded in December 2016 by Emilio Fernández Q
Album cover design and layout by Emilio Fernández Q
Mixed and Mastered by Emilio Fernández Q.
Released March 31, 2017
All instruments by Emilio Fernández Q.
All music composed and arranged by Emilio Fernández Q.

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