‘Extradimensional EP’ Artwork & Track list revealed

As I mentioned before following my previous releases, I made the decision to keep releasing only EP’s for the time being as they are easier for me to do and also it gives me the opportunity to explore more the music I make transitioning from one genre to another, and the most important thing, it allows me to release music more often.

With that said, my new EP called is ‘Extradimensional‘ and it will be released on June 1st, ‘Extradimensional’ is the complementary part of my two conceptual EP series that started with ‘Interdimensional’ which was released back in March, as usual this new EP will be available on my Bandcamp profile for only $1.

Extradimensional‘ Track list:

  1. Suzygy
  2. Quantum multiverse
  3. Extradimensional
  4. Radical mathematical Platonism
  5. Omnipotent, Omnipresent, & Omniscient
  6. Cognition

You can listen to ‘Quantum Multivese’ from Extradimensional now on Bandcamp.

Check out my latest release on Bandcamp:


EP Extra: ‘Roswellian Syndrome’ Split with Baryonic Waves

After my split EP with Origami Happiness the opportunity came around to have another collaboration with another talented producer: Baryonic Waves, we worked on this EP for several on this split release and now it has been completed and released as a exclusive Bandcamp EP. Continue reading

‘Interdimensional EP’ Artwork & Track list revealed

Interdimensional EP

Today I take pride in announcing the cover artwork and track list of my very first EP, which will be available on my Bandcamp profile for only $1.

Interdimensional‘ is the 1st part of my two conceptual EP’s that I will be releasing this year, March 31st to be exact, the other one being called ‘Extradimensional‘ will be released tentatively on September. Continue reading

Bandcamp Exclusive Release: ‘Extrasensory Perception’ [Split]

During the last few weeks I have been working with the guy from Origami Happiness on a Split release and now it has been completed and will be released as a exclusive Bandcamp release this next February 8.

There are two versions of this split which can be found either on my Bandcamp artist page or Origami Happiness’ page, each contains a track that cannot be found on the other, and the cover artwork varies from one to another, which features a picture of the Irazu Volcano National park  by Edwin Viquez.

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Artwork for ‘Synthetic Life Forms’ Single revealed


The New Year may have seemed to start quietly but it has all been going on behind the scenes,  I have been working on a new single and a new EP and I am really excited to be able to reveal that ‘Synthetic Life Forms’ will be the next single, to be released on Wednesday 1st February as a digital download on all major distribution platforms everywhere. Continue reading

New single & new EP coming up

My new single called ‘Synthetic life forms‘ is the first single from my upcoming EP, which will remain unnamed for now, as the name might change, this single will be released on March 1st and will be available on all major digital distribution platforms for sale and for streaming. Continue reading

OUT NOW: ‘Quasi-Stellar Radio Source’ (Album 2016)

Finally after sleepless nights today was released my debut album called ‘Quasi-Stellar Radio Source’.You can get it and stream it for free on YouTube and Bandcamp at the moment, there was an issue with Spotify, iTunes and all the major platforms that will delay it’s release there.

What happened with the Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc?

Well there is another artist using the ‘BzK‘ name and he had released a single back in 2013, which got him on those services, when my distributor sent my album to all the platforms they don’t check any further, and as the name matches both our productions are listed as if were for the same artist. Continue reading

Album Release date, Title, Track-list & Artwork Revealed

I am pleased to announce the name of my debut album: ‘Quasi-Stellar Radio Source’ is scheduled to be released on December 1st 2016, the album has 8 tracks filled with Experimental Electronic Music, and following the idea of my single ‘Cosmic Beats‘ it is a journey to the depths of the universe.


Cover artwork by Emilio Fernandez

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Sound wave merger completed

As I posted earlier today in my social networks, I am quite happy right now as the recording of my upcoming solo album has been completed.

The whole process has been quite fun as this is an experimental album, I have no boundaries or expectations, I just enjoyed the ride and wrote what I felt at the moment, I don’t need to name a genre or label it as this and that, is just music, the music I wanted. Continue reading