Background information
Birth name Emilio Fernández Quirós
Also known as Bzk, Noisegrinder, Berzerker.
Born June, 1981 (age 36)
Cartago, Costa Rica
Genres Electronic Experimental Music, Ambient, EDM, Black Metal, Death Metal, Grindcore, Noise, Psychodelic Cumbia
Occupation(s) Drummer, Producer, Graphic & Web Designer.
Years active 1998–present
Labels Bzk Records
Associated acts Linfogranulomatosis Inguinalis, Hrii Fhtagn, Morbid Funeral, Avenida Tiribí, Biorobot5.
Website bzkmusic.com

Emilio Fernandez Quiros, known as ‘Bzk’, is a Costa Rican electronic music producer and drummer from Cartago, Costa Rica.

Bzk produces a variety of styles of electronic music and does not like to stick to a specific genre as he says: “The genre does not matter, what matters is the music itself, you label it whatever you want.”

Early life

Bzk began his music career as a drummer back in 1998 for extreme metal bands on the Costa Rican scene such as Linfogranulomatosis inguinalis, Morbid Funeral and Hrii Fhtagn, he began experimenting with electronic music in 2002 when he recorded an EP called “Came no light” which was never released to the public.


Came no light (EP)

Came no light is the name of the first electronic music production made by Bzk back in 2002, although it was never released to the public it served as a pivotal point on Bzk’s musical career, this EP contains 6 original tracks and 2 remixes, this production on its original state will never see the light and it will be released in a near future as the tracks were re recorded on April 2017.

1998– Present: Extreme metal

Linfogranulomatosis Inguinalis: Since 1998 Bzk founded linfo…along with some friends, it disbanded in 2004 and there were plans to bring it back to life in 2013-2014 but it was not possible so the band split-up as of right now, with this band there are some recordings floating around the internet, which can be found here.

Morbid Funeral: There was a short period of time in 2004 when Linfo disbanded that Bzk joined Morbid Funeral, they also were on a transition period and they were reforming the band, during this time Bzk did not record anything with the band but some good ideas were written and used on ‘The Occult’ album by Morbid Funeral which can be found here.

Hrii Fhtagn: After a long pause on the metal and musical world Bzk returned to the drums, keyboards and  backing vocals on 2016 he managed to get together a studio project with fellow musicians from Morbid Funeral and Deformity, this new spawn of cosmic horror is called Hrii Fhtagn and they recorded an EP called “Y’ai Cthulhu” which can be found here. This EP was recorded after a motorcycle accident which prevented Bzk from playing blast beats.


Cosmic Beats (EP)

Bzk began writing music on his own again on 2016 and self released the two song single called ‘Cosmic Beats’, this single had a good reception on bandcamp being on the top 5 best selling Costa Rican releases for 2 weeks, The idea behind this single was to have a creative outlet to keep his own sanity.

Quasi-Stellar Radio Source (Album)

After the experience recording the single, Bzk entered the studio to record some ideas he had floating on his head for a while he ended up, working everything  on his own for no more than a few hours a day, he was able to write, arrange, record and master his debut album not to mention that the artwork was done by Bzk also.

The album was a better production if compared to the ‘Cosmic Beats’ single, after all this is a never ending learning process that will be ongoing until the end of time.


Extrasensory Perception Split EP with Origami Happiness (Costa Rica)

This is the first collaboration I made with another producer, This split is a combination of minimal ambient music and harsh ambient, combination that works perfectly for a great listening experience.

The split can be downloaded for free on both Bandcamp stores or you can pay whatever you feel for it.

Roswellian Syndrome Split EP with Baryonic Waves (Costa Rica)

After my split EP with Origami Happiness the opportunity came around to have another collaboration with another talented producer: Baryonic Waves, we worked on this EP for several months  and now it has been completed and released as a exclusive Bandcamp EP.

Interdimensional EP

Interdimensional‘ is the 1st part of my two conceptual EP’s that I will be releasing this year, March 31st to be exact, the other one being called ‘Extradimensional‘ will be released tentatively on September.

Extradimensional EP

Extradimensional‘ is the 2nd part of my two conceptual EP’s that I released this year, June 1st to was released and this series of EPs mark the first EDM I have ever produced, the two EP’s will be available soon on Spotify.


Studio Productions:

Name Type Year
Came no light EP 2002
Cosmic Beats EP 2016
Quasi-Stellar Radio Source Album 2016
Synthetic Life Forms Single 2017
Extrasensory Perception Split EP 2017
Roswellian Syndrome Split EP 2017
Interdimensional EP 2017
Extradimensional EP 2017

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