‘Extradimensional EP’ Artwork & Track list revealed

As I mentioned before following my previous releases, I made the decision to keep releasing only EP’s for the time being as they are easier for me to do and also it gives me the opportunity to explore more the music I make transitioning from one genre to another, and the most important thing, it allows me to release music more often.

With that said, my new EP called is ‘Extradimensional‘ and it will be released on June 1st, ‘Extradimensional’ is the complementary part of my two conceptual EP series that started with ‘Interdimensional’ which was released back in March, as usual this new EP will be available on my Bandcamp profile for only $1.

Extradimensional‘ Track list:

  1. Suzygy
  2. Quantum multiverse
  3. Extradimensional
  4. Radical mathematical Platonism
  5. Omnipotent, Omnipresent, & Omniscient
  6. Cognition

You can listen to ‘Quantum Multivese’ from Extradimensional now on Bandcamp.

Check out my latest release on Bandcamp:


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