‘Interdimensional EP’ Artwork & Track list revealed

Interdimensional EP

Today I take pride in announcing the cover artwork and track list of my very first EP, which will be available on my Bandcamp profile for only $1.

Interdimensional‘ is the 1st part of my two conceptual EP’s that I will be releasing this year, March 31st to be exact, the other one being called ‘Extradimensional‘ will be released tentatively on September.

From ‘Interdimensional’ there is available a single I released in February 1st ‘Synthetic Life forms

Following my previous releases, I made the decision to keep releasing EP’s for the time being as they are ‘more fun’ to do and take way less time to make than a full length album, so I can release music more often.

‘Interdimensional’ track list:

  1. Simulated consciousness
  2. Synthetic Life Forms
  3. Qualia
  4. Dreaming Simplicity
  5. Computationalism philosophy
  6. Interdimensional

Check out my other releases:


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