Bandcamp Exclusive Release: ‘Extrasensory Perception’ [Split]

During the last few weeks I have been working with the guy from Origami Happiness on a Split release and now it has been completed and will be released as a exclusive Bandcamp release this next February 8.

There are two versions of this split which can be found either on my Bandcamp artist page or Origami Happiness’ page, each contains a track that cannot be found on the other, and the cover artwork varies from one to another, which features a picture of the Irazu Volcano National park  by Edwin Viquez.

Blue version track list:

  1. BzkExtrasensory Perception X
  2. BzkPrecognition
  3. Origami Happiness Jamais-vu

Red version track list:

  1. Bzk – Precognition
  2. Origami HappinessJamais-vu + Extrasensory Perception Y

This Split is a combination of minimal ambient music and harsh ambient, combination that works perfectly for a great listening experience.

The split can be downloaded for free on both Bandcamp stores or you can pay whatever you feel for it.




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