OUT NOW: ‘Quasi-Stellar Radio Source’ (Album 2016)

Finally after sleepless nights today was released my debut album called ‘Quasi-Stellar Radio Source’.You can get it and stream it for free on YouTube and Bandcamp at the moment, there was an issue with Spotify, iTunes and all the major platforms that will delay it’s release there.

What happened with the Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, etc?

Well there is another artist using the ‘BzK‘ name and he had released a single back in 2013, which got him on those services, when my distributor sent my album to all the platforms they don’t check any further, and as the name matches both our productions are listed as if were for the same artist.

I just submitted the ticket to have that fixed and be able to share my album on my own artist page on iTunes and Spotify, apparently that is a process that can take up to 6 weeks.

So at the moment ‘Quasi-Stellar Radio Source’ will be available only on the below services, and some tracks will make their way to SoundCloud (right now only Eridanus Supervoid is available there.)

Here is the YouTube video for your amusement.

And you can buy it/stream it from Bandcamp:


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